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they say

They say the sea is deep, but there’s nothing deeper than the sky in blue. It stares so wide, it feels so vast, that the imprint of it is permanently stretched across my retinas. It almost is painful and if the aerodynamics of rocketry were within my grasp, then I would want to explode into that blue and never look back.

They say that every person is unique, but tell that to the matching hamartias that plague their individuality. It’s on me too, and I think if I could look into my brain then I would see a mind blanketed in shadows. I’m scared, swimming in a cesspool of nerves and anxiety— and everyone else is staying here, planted on earth, while my feet itch to land amongst the clouds.

hold me hold me hold me because the blue wants me and I’m learning about aerodynamics every day.  

They say the human body is the most complex organism on the planet, but the human body breaks in their hands like brittle bread. And they know that, so they search for elixirs of life, for immortality, while it strays just beyond their grasp. Methuselah lived 969 years, but they drop like dandelion fluff on a cross breeze of battlefields, bumping into each other until it all detonates. So while I stand in the middle of the sidewalk, turning my face up to the skies to catch the rain in my mouth, I’m jostled by people who think that it’s nothing but wet, destructive acid. And they run like tear tracks.

They say: If nothing else, depend on the stars. But the stars run out of breath too. And if they were big enough, strong enough in life, then in death their presence is a thousand times more significant. The holes they leave behind vacuum the light and life out of everything, because they can’t bear to be the only ones to go. And I can’t comprehend it— the stars are not supposed to be as selfish as humans.

But they are?

hold me hold me hold me because I want the blue and I know about aerodynamics now— I just need to pack my bags.

They say we become legends, but legacies will always die in the hearts of people, because there’s nothing more pitiful than infallibility putting on the clothes of something it hopes will last forever.

They say that anything is acceptable except the unacceptable, and all the while they don’t know that irony rules the world.

They say it’s better to fall than to fail. Exhale. Inhale. Sit down, take a breath, do you believe in life after death?

catch me catch me catch me blue.

While they look for eternity, don’t bother searching for me, because I already know where I’m going: somewhere I can use the laws of aerodynamics.

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